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Spring Treats – Chocolate Nests

These treats are so tasty and perfect for Easter or just a spring gathering! You can never go wrong mixing salty and sweet!chocolate nests


  • pretzel sticks (I have also made these with potato sticks, but couldn’t find them anywhere this time around)
  • chocolate chips – I always use Ghiradelli
  • chocolate candy eggs – I used m&m eggs


I used about half the bag of pretzel sticks and half the bag of chocolate chips to make the nests below.

  1.  Break up the pretzel sticks into smaller pieces so they are easier to assemble into the shape of nests.
  2.  The easiest way to shape the nests is to use a muffin pan so you will want to grease/spray that using butter/coconut oil. You could also put wax paper down on a cookie tray, but then you have to shape the nests without the assistance of the tin.
  3.  Melt the chocolate chips in a medium size bowl.
  4.  Dump the pretzel pieces into the chocolate and stir with a rubber spatula so that chocolate is evenly distributed. If there is too much chocolate – add more pretzels. This will take a little trial and error because you don’t want too much chocolate, but enough so that the pretzels are relatively covered and will stick together.
  5.  Spoon the chocolate pretzels into your muffin tin and mold them into the shape of nests.
  6.  Once you are happy with your shapes, chill the nests until hardened. I left mine in the fridge over night, but it should only take an hour or so.
  7.  Carefully remove the nests from the pan – I used a butter knife to gently pop them out.
  8.  Place your eggs in your nest and you are good to go!